Hemp Oil – Medical Properties

Hemp Oil – Medical Properties

Before his decade 1920 hemp products including its oil, they were quite widely used. Today hemp due to its many advantages is rediscovered and considered a fair product of the 21st century.

1.CBD oil for hydration

The CBD oil contained offers a rich and deep hydration. Its moisturizing properties are long lasting so you do not need to apply it again during the day.

It is very gentle on the skin and this makes it ideal for people with sensitive skin as dry skin. But the oil, just because it is so skin friendly, is suitable for all skin types, even for very oily skin.

  1. CBD oil for sebum regulation

CBD oil helps removal of excess oil, as well as in balancing skin oils.

3.CBD oil for anti-aging

CBD oil is ideal for tightening. Improves skin elasticity, giving him natural shine and firmness.

Hemp seed oil is very rich in nutrients, vitamins and antioxidants, contains 21 amino acids and it is rich in Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids. These are essential for maintaining one healthy and youthful skin and give radiance to the skin. The invigorating nutrients of Cannabis Oil can penetrate deep into skin cells (because they penetrate the lipid layers of skin cells) , having a natural emollient effect and creating a strong barrier to moisture loss. They thus increase the skin's natural ability to retain moisture.

It also contains vitamins B1, B2 B3 B6 C, D and E.

End, contains Vitamin A, which is necessary for skin cell renewal.

4.CBD oil for anti-inflammatory action

The strong anti-inflammatory action of CBD oil reduces redness and Soothes and replenishes dry and tired skin (from excessive exposure to cold, air and sun)

  1. CBD oil for healing action

CBD oil also contributes to faster skin healing. Especially useful in "cracked hands" that we often meet in winter, especially in people who make excessive use of water and detergents or antiseptics

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