Hemp oil works wonders on your skin

Hemp oil works wonders on your skin

No, This is not research done by Snoop Dogg or Seth Rogan, but by real scientists!

So it's a fact! Hemp is good for the skin (and hair, but we will focus on the first, at first)!

Professional dermatologists confirm that cannabis has many benefits for the skin. Actually, suggest hemp oil to be included in our daily beauty routine!

Read below the reasons why you should put it in your life or better on your skin!
Improves inflammation

Whether it is eczema or signs of psoriasis or a simple discomfort, hemp oil makes the area softer, while due to the antioxidants it contains, cures inflammation.

Helps with acne

The cannabis plant contains 60 different types of cannabinoids that have been shown to improve acne.

Protects the skin

These cannabinoids in combination with other moisturizing oils of the body, help the skin to develop a protective barrier that activates the reproduction of new cells, offering glowing skin.

It has anti-aging properties

While smoking cannabis has been shown to enhance skin aging, applying the oil topically to the face works the opposite. Hemp oil has anti-aging properties while helping the overall health of the skin by blocking any harmful particles.

Source: www.allyou.gr

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